The project

For those belonging to a generation born from the immigrant experience, often the link to their heritage lies in the interaction and culinary rituals centred in the kitchen. The sacred ingredients and codes for food preparation make the process of cooking all the more meaningful. It isn’t surprising that family secrets and cultural attachments are interlaced and inadvertently divulged during the preparation of the meal. Food becomes the pretext for intuitive exchange and conversation.

Driven to honour such culinary attachments, Basilicata Secrets brings its audience on a cinematic and literary adventure. It highlights the richness of undisclosed culinary and oral traditions and recipes and illustrates them on video and in an unconventional recipe book. A total of 14 episodes produced for TV and Web platforms map out the 10 villages visited by the director Anita Aloisio who then shares her experience in uncovering the uniqueness of 14 recipe secrets.

The Book, describes the personal journey of the director as she reconnects with the traditions and practices in food making and relationship building.

Emotionally strong, poignant and entertaining, the Basilicata Secrets project provides an opportunity to understand culture, identity and tradition and will satisfy the curiosity of the modern culinary traveler, the sedentary foodie and of course all Italophiles.